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How to open a locker lock with RFID locking System?

  • Author:Dan Chou
  • Release on :2016-11-25

Some problems, questions we may meet when we use the locker locks.

How to open a RFID locker lock?
Tymin locks works with RFID cards (you can also use RFID tags, RFID token,RFID bracelets).You can pogram all RFID keys on the lock directly.Or you can also use card encoder to program cards to open the locks.

If clients lost cards, how to open the locker lock?
Our locker locks with master key, which can be used to oepn the locker lock alwasy, and also used to program other user cards or delete user cards.

And where you can sell the loacks?
You can sell it on these platform, or you can have a shop yourself to show it to customer, then we can discuss your requirement. It would be quick for production.

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locker locks uline
locker locks taobao
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What locker lock we can supply?
Popular creative 13.56Mhz Mifare 1K card Hidden Locker Lock
30mm working distance,5 ways of opening, external power supply power when emergency.

Password Locker Lock
Three ways of code to open: master code,user code,hopping code(emergency)
Used on wood or steel lockers.

RFID Locker Lock

Master cards and user card to open, with external power to supply power when the battery dead.

Should you need any further questions, please contact to discuss.


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