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What is the most suitable locker lock for you?

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  • Release on :2016-11-23

One thing to consider, when designing a locker room, is whether locker locks are a necessity. Not every locker requires a locker lock, and it’s important to know whether the lockers you’re ordering will require locks before you decide on a design. Have you given it any thought? If you have, do you understand all of the locker locks available to you?

Who is going to be using the lockers you install? Students? Athletes? Guests at a Fitness? For what purpose will the lockers be used, and for what length of time? If students are storing materials in the classroom, you’ll probably want to install open lockers, with no locker locks needed. Similarly, shared athletic gear may not require any locker locks. If, however, your guests will be storing their personal items in a public locker room for an extended time, it’s important for them to know their things are safe and secure.

There are many ways to ensure that security. From simple RFID locker locks, to password locker locks and key cards, Tymin Lock offers a wide variety of options that use the most reliable and secure locking technologies available.

1. RFID Locker Locks are the type of lock you’re probably familiar with for locker locks in public. With RFID locking system, no software needed, set rfid key on the lock directly, single card or dual cards unlocking.
2. Password Locker Lock, open by RFID key, password, fixed code or temporary code option, supports messy code(or false code) input.
3. Keypad Locker Lock, 3 types unlock ways: Fixed code, one-time code and hopping code to open, external power pack to supply power when the batteries are out of power. Application to wood or steel locker (with different screws)
4. The most securer locker lock is Hidden Locker Lock, because it is hidden/invisible. Suitable for preserving important things. Reading distance is up to 30mm through wood. Also have 5 types unlock ways for your option to meet different applications

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the locker locks available from Tymin Lock. With more than 13 years of experience, Tymin Lock is a company that takes quality and security very seriously, and strives to offer customers the very best products on the market. For more details on locker lock options, and other locker design elements, please send us an inquiry

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