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How To Select An Excellent Anti-theft Electronic Lock?

How To Select An Excellent Anti-theft Electronic Lock?

With the continuous development of locks, electronic locks have been used around the world. Many people who living in a large residential areas have installed electronic locks. Electronic locks have many brands, people are usually don’t know how to purchase an excellent electronic locks when buying electronic locks. In fact, Choose an excellent electronic locks is a skill, the following tips may help you select an excellent electronic lock.

Tips 1. Think about practicability

Electronic locks market is existing more and more tricks, and it formed a slick market trends. Therefore, during the purchase of anti-theft electronic lock, select convenient and practical one is the most important aspect. A safest lock function is fingerprint identification, we must choose anti-theft electronic lock with stable identification. Many people buy a lock because of its good looking, in fact, the lock cylinder is the most important. There are many different types of cylinder, and most of us choose the American  thread cylinder and fireproof cylinder as much as possible, because they own relatively high safety factor.

Tips 2. Think about the stability

Electronic locks own stable features is very important, and it needs one or two years to test it has good stability or not. Therefore, when we are purchasing an electronic lock, we need be sure to select high-quality lock manufacturers, So that we’ll have guarantee on such quality. A locking bolt length is hierarchical, it can be divided into A and B grade.  The Length of class A is less than 14mm, and class B is less than 20mm. We need to look into the lock case materials, it Can not be less than 2mm thick, and its panel needs to looks like press forming.

Tips 3. Think about the safety

We need to judge an anti-theft lock is good or bad by look into the lock assembly body material, it will need to involve some knowledge of the professional field. A-level locks are the safest usually, A-level locks are in line with national standards. China's locks are divided into several materials in domestic market, it is best to choose a steel or zinc alloy material lock with hard locking bar for its security. Electronic locks and security manufacturers are also related, so be sure to choose reputable manufacturers, and then look into its indicators from all aspects.




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