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The Evolutionary Process of Locks

  • Author:Tyminlocks
  • Release on :2016-10-26

Innovations in mechanical locks have been moving full speed ahead since the China’s first wooden lockset was introduced in 3000 B.C.. As time passed, the mechanical lockset that was once thought to be cutting-edge was replaced with electronic lock systems. Today, new technology has allowed for even greater advances in locking with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Electronic locks cost a little more than mechanical ones, but the extra investment is worth it for the following reasons.

1. More Convenient – Given the choice, most people would rather not carry round a mechanical keys when they are at an event. Whether swimming, at a festival or working out, a key can be uncomfortable to carry, or a nuisance which people worry about losing.

2. No More Lost Keys – Anyone will know how often keys can get lost or stolen. With a memorised code, there are no keys to lose. In a key card system, missing cards are much faster, cheaper and easier to replace than cutting a new key.

3. Better Security – Many mechanical locks can be lock picked, but our electronic lockers are even more secure as there is simply no access to the lock. Electronic safes also make it easier to set up burglar alarms.

4. More Visually Impressive - It may seem shallow, but looks count. A room full of electronic locks can be a lot more impressive and modern than one full of mechanical locks.

There are other advantages to electronic locks, those are just a few. Any things, please contact us.


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