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【Hotel Lock】TM-LA009 Introduction

  • Author:Tyminlocks
  • Source:www.tyminlocks.com
  • Release on :2016-11-22


Color: silver, gold
Material: stainless steel
Door thickness: 38 ~ 60 mm adjustable
Working voltage: 6V (4pcs AA alkaline batteries)
Static current: < 30uA
Dynamic current: < 300mA
Battery life: 7-10 months
Reading distance: < 25 mm
Operating temperature:-20 ° C ~ 75 ° C
Operating humidity: < 80%
Lock type: Card Encoder Hotel door lock
Application: hotels, apartments, Office, home etc.


Basic Accessories
Basic components (required):
Computer: used to install Software, support Windows XP, Win 7, 8 etc.
Software:  work with a USB card encoder to set locks
USB card Encoder: program all kinds for hotel stuff and guests, set locks etc.
Key card: 125 kHz RFID card by default, 13.56 Mhz Mifare 1K card optional
Lock: installed on the doors

Optional components include:
Energy Saver: used to control the power in the room. Work with RFID key card, insert card to get the electricity, take out card to cut off power. It is optional.
Data Collector(or card): used to record opening information. Collect the unlocking records from hotel door lock, you will know who, when and how to open the lock.It is optional.

Room display system
Room number: to display room number, hotel name, hotel logo, some functions etc
Inside touch switch: Work with door display to show function, functions customized
Doorbell:  to know when there are visitors/cleaner etc.

Hotel Lock Mortise
Powerful ANSI standard mortise with anti-theft, Interior-lock function. Can be used for most of wood doors.
[Warm tips]
Our hotel door lock meet  thickness between 38mm~ 60mm, if over 60mm, please advise us in advance.

Parts list for a set lock 

A full set includes: 
Front panel * 1,  
Back panel * 1,
Mortise * 1,
Battery holder * 1,
Metal key *1,
Side catch * 1,
Template * 1
Some screws 

Software Interface 
You can use the software to set locks (room number, price for room)
Manage all types of cards etc.

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