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Intelligent Locks---Add New Color To Smart Home

Intelligent Locks---Add New Color To Smart Home

As the years wore on, the rapid development of science and technology updated, people's lives are changing too. Young men and women born in  80s, 90s own the same fashion and more emphasis on classic guard, Is there a product that will blend fashion with classic? In the interpretation of scientific and technological civilization give us a human care as the same time.

@$XBW{EM}@YZ[8T07N5UKVO    Tyminlock has launched a new products in 2016 recently, there will be an "invisible fingerprint" which triggered widespread concern in the industry. It is unique, in that the first of the fingerprint head hidden in the inner lock to form a one-piece lock mechanical appearance, it not only keeping up with the times of reliable, convenient and fashion smart home lock trends , but also maintaining noble, elegance and classic design of traditional mechanical lock , and at the same time, it inherited the usual luxurious style of Tyminlock.

It is known that fingerprint recognition hiding into locks is the first design in this   industry. This intelligent lock design enhanced convenience compare with traditional mechanical lock, and comparing with popular fingerprint lock, the design reproduced the classic authentic aesthetic of mechanical lock because of the invisible feature, which matching different decorative styles. The invisible fingerprint launching is a  breakthrough of fingerprint design. It adds a new landscape for entrance of smart home, and brings a human care for smart home.

Fingerprint referring products not only to satisfy the needs of quality life, but also to establish the full trust. In addition to invisible design, more stable and more reliable of Tyminlock is the manifestation of human care. According to reports,  we are in the era of smart home, lock function also began to get complicated, the unlock methods for one lock may including passwords, card, Bluetooth and remote control etc. We all know that the more functions of a lock, the less stability with it, and it will be in danger of attack when connected to the network. In view of this, Tymin invisible fingerprint lock compressed many unnecessary features, and retaining only the fingerprint and password unlock way for door opening, with mechanical key for emergency open, allowing customers use conveniently and greatly improving the stability of the lock at the same time.


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