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Do you know how to make the locker lock securer?

  • Author:Dan Chou
  • Release on :2016-11-04
1.What application can use locker locks?
Locker locks mainly used for GYM, Hotel, Sauna, Fitness Center, Sport Club, Airport etc. 

2.What worries we possibly meet for traditional mechanical locker lock? 

A.Inconvenient for managing all keys
B.Easily copy mechanical key
C.If lost key, need to broke locker lock
D.For some occasion, inconvenient bring with the keys

3.How to make an alternative for those mechanical locker locks?
Use electronic locker lock to solve the problem above. 

Locker lock with RFID locking system, which is much easier to manage and set the keys to the locks, and don’t worry the lost key, just reset the locks, and single key or dual key to choose to open the locks, master keys to open all locks.

4.How to make RFID locker “more” securer?
Use Mifare 1K hidden locker lock

What specification the locks have?
Key chip type: Mifare 1K-13.56MHz
Card type: Key card (Others optional)
Reading Distance: up to 30mm through wood
Opening methods: 5 ways
Material: ABS
Working distance: 0-30mm (through wooden material)
Working voltage: 6V (4pcs AA alkaline batteries)
Battery life: Usually: 5-10 months
Low voltage alarm: <4.8V
Weight: 0.23kg/pc

Check the user manual to know more, or contact us to discuss details.


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