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Christmas Story "Who is Father Christmas"

  • Author:Tyminlocks
  • Release on :2016-12-20
In order to joyfully celebrate the Christmas, Tymin Lock would like to show a story about Christmas Day on this week.

Today, we will show "who is Father Christmas"
Father Christmas is based on a real person, St. Nicholas, which explains his other name 'Santa Claus' which comes from the Dutch 'Sinterklaas'. Nicholas was a Christian leader from Myra (in modern-day Turkey) in the 4th century AD. He was very shy, and wanted to give money to poor people without them knowing about it. It is said that one day, he climbed the roof of a house and dropped a purse of money down the chimney. It landed in the stocking which a girl had put to dry by the fire! This may explain the belief that Father Christmas comes down the chimney and places gifts in children's stockings.

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